Nowhere was there a hint of autumn during Mount Carmel St. Ann’s 4th Friday: Fall Fest, held September 23rd in Uptown Westerville. As if our attendees had ordered an extension of summer, our temperatures were in the 80s and the crowds were large and full of excitement. Then the reality of the season dropped like a theater’s curtain after the finale. It got dark. Early.

And now the 2016 season of MCSA’s 4th Fridays is in the books. It could not have filled Uptown with fun if it were not for Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital, the City of Westerville, AAA Ohio Auto Club and the Arts Council of Westerville. The Westerville Uptown Merchants Association and the Westerville Bike Club  were also key players in bringing this event to the community April through September.

We can’t forget Heartland Bank, Westerville Public  Library, Amish Originals Furniture Co. Westerville Parks and Rec and the Westerville Puppet Posse (led by Mrs. Winnie Maze). Their support helps the WVCB offer activities that appeal to kids.

In addition, there are at least a dozen individuals who have given of their time to assist the WVCB staff in the planning and execution of these six events. To these folks and the groups mentioned above: Thank you for supporting 4th Fridays!

As you bring out the sweaters, rake leaves and hang holiday lights, the WVCB staff will be working with our partners to plan 4th Friday events for 2017. Stay tuned and have a happy fall!

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