By now you’ve heard that Otterbein University, right here in Westerville, Ohio, will host the Democratic Presidential debate on October 15.

When the news broke Friday afternoon, there was certainly mixed reactions from the community: “Traffic is going to be terrible!”, “Great job Otterbein!”, “How do I get tickets!” as well as more politically charged messages. However, the reaction from our office was an overwhelming, “Yes! More people get to hear about how great Westerville, Ohio is!”

The truth is, just an hour before we got the call, we sent out an announcement of our own. Our new Executive Director, Marie VanDervoort, was exactly 17 days into the job and, although she had already met with many folks inside and outside our community, we had just pushed out the press release to announce her as our leader to the media and other key contacts.

Those two announcements have more in common than you might think. The press release highlights Marie’s background and extensive experience and shows what an asset she’ll be in not only promoting Westerville every day, but connecting every group who will be coming to Westerville for this debate to local hotel rooms. Anyone in need of these services should not hesitate to contact Marie directly at 614-259-3570.

This debate is, obviously, designed to showcase the candidates, but Otterbein University and Westerville, Ohio will be center stage as well. Millions of people who have never heard of Westerville, Ohio will do Google searches to find out where we are and why we are special and that is a very good thing.


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