It IS hot, but there is something else in the air this time of year. You know what I mean! The electricity, the excitement that comes along with a new school year! The smell of new shoes and backpacks. The diesel trail left behind by the school buses and the happy sounds of children as they wait for the doors to swing open and welcome them to a new day of learning.

As for Uptown Westerville, we are not only welcoming new Otterbein University students this week, we will be greeting the cold wet noses of man’s best friend for our Mount Carmel St. Ann’s 4th Friday: Dog Days of Summer on August 26th. Friday marks our “4th Friday” event and the “1st Friday” that Otterbein students are on campus this year. For some students, the campus and Uptown areas will be old, familiar territory. For other, it will be a new adventure. So to for the dogs and their owners who come to enjoy all the 4th Friday offerings. Some will be familiar with the vendors and activities and have come to enjoy them again. Others will be experiencing them for the first time.

So whether you and your dog are newbies or seasoned 4th Friday pros, we hope you enjoy our Dog Contest, photo booth, puppet shows, story times, street vendors, food trucks, live entertainment and the fun Uptown atmosphere that make 4th Fridays great community events.

Click Here for all the details.

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