For too many years to count, the Westerville’s Noon Rotary members have awakened early and gone to bed late on the 4th of July. That’s because runners must be checked in for the 5K and the grand finale of the fireworks cannot be missed.

That’s why Westerville loves its Independence Day Celebration so much: From dawn until after nightfall there are activities for every age group to celebrate the birth of our country. From the youngest of ball players, cheerleaders and marching band rookies to the oldest of business owners, office holders, candidates and proud veterans, each has a place wearing red, white and blue or waving Old Glory in the parade.

In addition to the Run and the Parade, the Rotary is putting on a Birthday Party like no other for our beloved country, including music, food and bounce houses at Westerville South High School. The day will end with the fireworks and the feeling that, even though this special celebration is over, our country, our state and our city are special places where a day of safe, family fun is not a rare occurrence, but a frequent blessing made possible by the sacrifice of many brave souls before us.

Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

For the full list of events, click here!

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