Did you know that all four scheduled performances of Westerville Parks and Recreation Civic Theatre’s production of The Little Mermaid sold out so quickly that another matinee performance had to be added? Have you visited Arts Alley during a 4th Friday event or taken Westerville’s Art in Public Spaces tour? If you answered “yes” to all three, congratulations! You know what’s happening with the arts in Westerville! If you answered no, but are a lover of the arts, keep reading and learn something new!

Former WVCB Board of Trustees member Jane Denick was a champion of the arts in Westerville. Before she passed away in 2014, she was instrumental in forming The Arts Council of Westerville, she played tuba in the Westerville Concert Band and she, her husband Ralph and their business partners bought Java Central Coffee House and Gifts and made it into a comfy place where art thrives to this day.

Jane expressed frustration that creative kids and adults alike were not getting the recognition their talents deserved. She believed achievements in all forms of art should be celebrated just as much as football, basketball, lacrosse or other athletic endeavors. She wanted to draw attention to the band member, the sculptor, the storyteller, the painter and the actor. She believed that art comes in many forms and those who engage their minds in the creation of such forms should be recognized.

Former WVCB Board Member and champion of the arts in Westerville Jane Denick

From the Westival Community Band and Art Festival to the poetry readings and stage productions that take place in our community, the arts are alive and well in Westerville, thanks to folks like Jane who want to see to it that the arts matter.

Each year, the Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau presents the Jane Denick Advancement of the Arts Award to a group or organization that promotes and builds appreciation for the arts in Westerville just as Jane did. If you would like to submit a suggestion for this year’s winner, contact the WVCB at 614-794-0401 or info@visitwesterville.org.

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