This time every year, Westerville gets an influx of new residents equipped with laundry baskets, comforters, futons and posters. Otterbein University’s 2016-2017 school year begins Monday, August 22 and students will spend the end of this week moving toin their residence halls and rental houses. To those students and their parents: Welcome to Westerville!

In addition to learning where their classes are located and which building houses their advisor’s office, Otterbein freshmen will quickly learn which of the many Uptown Westerville shops are their favorites, which restaurants have their favorite burger and, of course, which doughnut will be their late night go-to snack at Schneiders.

Once they spend a little time in Westerville, they’ll also learn about why we were once known as “Dry Capital of the World,” what happened during the Whiskey Wars and the Underground Railroad history present here.

We hope our community has an impact on each student who calls Westerville home for the next few years. We are also looking forward to the impact these students will have on Westerville: as interns and employees, as musicians, performers and artists and as community servants and volunteers.

The Cardinals have come to roost! Have a great year!

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